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Respectfully Foreign

Cuba, especially Havana, has a thriving tourist industry – in case you were unaware. This is fairly obvious as you walk down the street, with many people speaking in languages other than Spanish, wearing stereotypical tourist fedoras and Bermuda shorts, and taking way too many pictures of questionably photo-worthy subjects. As at least a slightly… Read more »

Last Night I Dreamed About Chocolate Chip Pancakes

So being a vegetarian in Cuba (even a flexible one willing to eat seafood) is not a particularly easy feat. Meat is a daily dietary staple, especially pork – with many Cubans citing meat as their primary source of fiber. Pro tip: fiber does not come from meat. While traditional Cuban side dishes are fantastic… Read more »

Comfortable Enough to be Uncomfortable

As I sit in the backseat of my parent’s car on my way to Minneapolis to fly out of the Midwest, I finally type out my first blog post. I am so very excited, and I know I have amazing adventures awaiting me in Havana, but I am also a little nervous. Living in a… Read more »

Going Home

I can’t tell you the moment I realized I was “Cuban”. Café cubano and dominos were a part of my life long before I can remember. I grew up surrounded by stories my grandmothers told about the island. But their carefree tales were always weighed down by a longing they felt for a land they had lost. Just as much… Read more »

Now that I’m back…

I’m finally accepting that I may not see some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met ever again in my life and a week ago, I cried for the first time since I returned. [Unnamed Cuban Best Friend] finally responded to my email! It turns out he didn’t have enough money on his account… Read more »

“So how was Cuba?”

by Brendan Morales-Doyle It has been an odd experience readjusting from spending a couple of months in Cuba. My first impression, even while still on the plane flying over Miami, was how sleek everything looked here, from the lawns to the cars to the pools. I then refused to buy bottled water in the airport,… Read more »

There’s No Place Like Home…Or Is There?

I remember how nervous I was before I left for Cuba. I didn’t know anyone on the trip, I was concerned about how much money I would be spending, and more importantly, how much I would have left when I got back, AND on top of it all, I had not spoken Spanish in what… Read more »

America the Great (lol)

One sunny Saturday afternoon last week, a floor mate told me about her first encounter with blatant racism in Cuba the night before. She and a group of our guy Cuban friends had decided to go out to Fabrica, a club/art gallery. However, the guys were stopped at the entry and told they could not… Read more »

Skate is Life.

Back at home, the basketball grind is taken very, very seriously, to the point of “ball is life” becoming a personal motto for many. But here in Cuba, the skaters rule, followed by surfers, and then the ballers (my friends at home would be astonished). This skating fever was something I noticed immediately upon arriving…. Read more »