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There’s No Place Like Home…Or Is There?

I remember how nervous I was before I left for Cuba. I didn’t know anyone on the trip, I was concerned about how much money I would be spending, and more importantly, how much I would have left when I got back, AND on top of it all, I had not spoken Spanish in what… Read more »

Money Money Money

One of the biggest worries for college students going abroad is how to save money, or rather how not to go broke while abroad. I am no exception to the throngs of college students who worry about money while abroad; however, I found a few fool-proof ways to save money while having the time of… Read more »

Don’t Speak, Pass for Cuban, Pay Less =)

Trying to budget for two months in Cuba is hard. The reality is that without access to banks, ATMs, credit cards, or even a Western Union, the cash you have in hand upon arrival is all you have. Being able to manage my finances was one of my biggest concerns, so I made a detailed… Read more »

Sharing Really is Caring

By Ariana Dietrich, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 As my time in Cuba comes to an end, I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am not only to have had the opportunity to study abroad here but the privileges and quality of life that I’ve enjoyed while in Cuba. The economic disparities between the… Read more »

Top ten – week one

By Claire Williams, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 I’ve decided that while I’m in Cuba, I’m going to write lists – the ten things I learned today, every day. Monday night was a good start, because I was still exhausted from travel and didn’t get into bed to write until almost two – when… Read more »