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He Cambiado

 I’ve been thinking about Cuba a lot since my return; it definitely changed me. I had been told countless times before my departure that study abroad “will change your life” but until I have been able to reflect on my experience since returning from Cuba, I hadn’t realized just what an impact those 2 months… Read more »

Abandoned Spaces, Futbol and Resolver

Just down the street from where we’re living in Vedado is an outdoor athletic complex that sits across the street from the Malecón. It is called “Parque Jose Marti” and was constructed in the 1940s under the Batista government. Today, its dilapidated remnants only hint at what I imagine it may have looked like during… Read more »

Skate is Life.

Back at home, the basketball grind is taken very, very seriously, to the point of “ball is life” becoming a personal motto for many. But here in Cuba, the skaters rule, followed by surfers, and then the ballers (my friends at home would be astonished). This skating fever was something I noticed immediately upon arriving…. Read more »

Love like a Sunset

By Anna Radoff, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 Nine months later and I still find myself missing Cuba. Morning walks in search of guava pastries, the view from our roof of Havana, tripping over my feet during salsa class; all moments I wish I could return to. It is difficult to quantify what Cuba… Read more »

Top ten – week three

By Claire Williams, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 This week, I learned that when you’re living in a foreign country, it’s best to expect that nothing will turn out as planned. You might find yourself breaking up with someone you saw in the rest of your life. You might meet someone on the beach… Read more »