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Viva la Revolución

by Michael Fuentes In Cuba, there’s always talk of the Revolution of January 1959. Revolutionary forces (known as the Movimiento del 26) led by Fidel Castro, triumphed over the oppressive authoritarian government of Fulgencio Bautista. The extravagant Presidential Palace, pictured here, was the seat of power for Fidel Castro’s new government. Today, the palace has… Read more »

Top ten – week four

By Claire Williams, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 After almost a full week of classes, it was off to the countryside to ride horses, roast a pig, and enjoy some smog-free air. From my class readings to late-night chats on the porch with friends new and newer, these are the carefully chosen top ten… Read more »

Top ten – week two

By Claire Williams, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 We’re now about to start our third week in Cuba. I can’t believe how quickly my experience here is passing by – I want to savor every moment while I can! This blog entry might not be as scintillating as planned because this week, our group… Read more »