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Tom Haverford in Cuba? (maybe)

Around the second week we got here, me and three friends were wandering around looking for food to eat. Not knowing where to go, we allowed ourselves to be ushered into this modern white box that looked totally out of place among the romantic decay of Spanish architecture surrounding it. When we got inside we… Read more »

“All Americans Know How to Play the Piano!”

“Americana!” Señor Valdes exclaimed after I responded to his inquiry as to where I was from. His eyes lit up and he excitedly told me about his relatives in Miami and his ex-wife in California. Then he motioned for me to come look at some pictures on his wall and pointed out all the American students he… Read more »

America the Great (lol)

One sunny Saturday afternoon last week, a floor mate told me about her first encounter with blatant racism in Cuba the night before. She and a group of our guy Cuban friends had decided to go out to Fabrica, a club/art gallery. However, the guys were stopped at the entry and told they could not… Read more »


Upon returning to the U.S. from Cuba, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to tell my friends and family when they ask me about my trip. What aspect of Cuba did I find to be the most interesting? Thought-provoking? Surprising? What have I learned about what it is to be Cuban? I think that… Read more »

Learning the Cuban Way

by Daisy Villegas Being in Cuba is unlike being in any other Latin American country. I learned this faster than I could sweat. The first week challenged me in ways that I never anticipated. Aside from the unavoidable difficulties of adjusting to the heat and finding drinkable water, I was struck by how lost I felt… Read more »

A Whole New World

by Daisy Villegas I have only ever seen Cuba in tacky postcards, newspaper clippings, and in music videos. I never thought that I would someday see it for myself. In just two days, I will live and experience what all the postcards and newspaper articles have never been able to communicate—what life in Cuba is really… Read more »