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Hasta que se seca El Malecon

Almost three weeks in and I’m struggling with words to describe just how amazing my experience has been so far. In such a short time, I’ve made 19 new friends from Northwestern and countless other Cuban friends. And lots of that is thanks to El Malecon. El Malecon is like the “Meet me at Norris”… Read more »

Going Home

I can’t tell you the moment I realized I was “Cuban”. Café cubano and dominos were a part of my life long before I can remember. I grew up surrounded by stories my grandmothers told about the island. But their carefree tales were always weighed down by a longing they felt for a land they had lost. Just as much… Read more »

One Man’s Treasure is Another Man’s Waste

As I walked out of Casa Lily and went right around the corner, I saw some wrappers and wasted food lying by a tree. At first glance, they could easily be mistaken for garbage that was left out, but I soon learned that it was actually ritual waste. The materials that are disposed of after… Read more »

“A final, todo escucha lo mismo”

In Cuba, music is found everywhere, and it is such a beautiful thing. Whether you are at a restaurant, walking down the street, or at a concert, you are bound to hear some type of music. In Havana, you can hear anything from salsa, son, rumba, and reggaetón to hip-hop, pop, and electronic music. Though… Read more »

Malecón Monday

by Michael Fuentes Havana is a city filled with colonial architecture, beautiful old structures, and what is sometimes referred to as “Romantic Decay”. Cuba’s isolationist politics have kept it safe from capitalist development moguls, building big modern hotels, restaurants, businesses and more. The streets of Havana appear relatively unchanged over a period of decades. The… Read more »

Reverse Culture Shock

I’m home! & boy, is it weird! Going to Cuba was a ridiculously cool and formative experience. I have grown as a person because of the trip, and I feel more confident in my abilities and life decisions. Additionally, I learned invaluable lessons about the role of the US in international politics, the realities of daily… Read more »

Drawing Conclusions

Today we were assigned to keep a journal of our observations relating to healthcare systems and culture in Cuba. In class, we discussed how the local practices of Santeria play heavily into the understanding of health and healing among individuals in Cuba, and evidence of these beliefs are all around us. We went to a… Read more »

Thoughts on the Trip Ahead

by Michael Fuentes My name is Mike Fuentes, I’ve just finished my second year of undergrad at Northwestern University, and I’m studying Economics and Spanish. When I chose to study in Cuba over the summer, I think I was drawn in by a lot of different factors. First, Cuba is a beautiful country with rich… Read more »

Hopes and Expectations

Lucy Blumberg, Public Health in Cuba 2014 I’ve heard, read, and watched quite a few things about Cuba in the past few weeks as I’ve prepared for my departure. Helpful hints from the few who have traveled there and shock and awe from those who have not. Usually, both groups end with the same words:… Read more »

Popping the Bubble

By Ariana Dietrich, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 “How was Cuba?!” has predictably been everyone’s first question since I got home. As much as I try to answer that question honestly, there will never be enough words in a conversation or a blog post to fully encompass everything I experienced and learned or the… Read more »