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A “Beautiful Dance”

Now that we are in our 3rd week here, it’s becoming easier to adjust to life in Cuba. At the same time, being in a country with so many contradictions creates surprises at every turn. Take this week for example. On Monday, we got the chance to speak to the Cuban political artist Tania Bruguera*…. Read more »

The Inconclusive Conclusion

By Michael Hernandez, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 Today begins my last first day of college. It’s hard to believe that it was this time three months ago that I was settling in on my second week in Havana, the second week of my first time studying abroad. As I sit in Evanston’s Unicorn… Read more »

Cuba, Croissants, and Communism

By Johanna Jahnke, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2011 In the past five weeks in Cuba, my group has experienced the wide array of costs and benefits that come hand-in-hand with living in a communist country. One of the most frequently faced encounters with communism, though, is slow service due to workers’ lack of motivation…. Read more »

Parque Lenin

By Johanna Jahnke, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2011 Last week we visited Parque Lenin, a community space built after the Revolution that, at the time of its creation, was meant to embody a communist utopia. The government hoped Parque Lenin would serve as a social and scenic forum, complete with a theater, aquarium, acres… Read more »