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Hopes and Expectations

Lucy Blumberg, Public Health in Cuba 2014 I’ve heard, read, and watched quite a few things about Cuba in the past few weeks as I’ve prepared for my departure. Helpful hints from the few who have traveled there and shock and awe from those who have not. Usually, both groups end with the same words:… Read more »

Popping the Bubble

By Ariana Dietrich, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 “How was Cuba?!” has predictably been everyone’s first question since I got home. As much as I try to answer that question honestly, there will never be enough words in a conversation or a blog post to fully encompass everything I experienced and learned or the… Read more »

Changed for Good

By Ariana Dietrich, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 Well, it’s here. It’s the last day of the program, a bittersweet moment. In some ways I’m more than ready to return home to my family, friends, and the biggest iced coffee I can find, but in others I’ve never wanted to leave less. The friends… Read more »

“Fixing” Cuba

By Anna Radoff, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 As our trip comes to a close and classes begin to wrap up, we are faced with questions of what is next not only for ourselves, but for Cuba. As to be expected from a group of intellectually curious individuals, many people reflect on their trip… Read more »