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Top ten – week one

By Claire Williams, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 I’ve decided that while I’m in Cuba, I’m going to write lists – the ten things I learned today, every day. Monday night was a good start, because I was still exhausted from travel and didn’t get into bed to write until almost two – when… Read more »

La fruta prohibida

By Michael Hernandez, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 As the 19 of us sat in the small, air-conditioned classroom at Casas de las Americas, surrounded by our professors for the next two months, the term coined by Professor Geraldo to describe the country sunk in. “The forbidden fruit.” We were finally in Cuba, after… Read more »

The Caged Bird Sings in Cuba

By Alex Gunn, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2011 This past weekend, our group traveled to the western region of Cuba. Throughout the trip, one image kept appearing…a caged bird. This made me think back to a poem by Maya Angelou (that I’m pretty sure everyone had to read in high school) and these paintings… Read more »