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A “Beautiful Dance”

Now that we are in our 3rd week here, it’s becoming easier to adjust to life in Cuba. At the same time, being in a country with so many contradictions creates surprises at every turn. Take this week for example. On Monday, we got the chance to speak to the Cuban political artist Tania Bruguera*…. Read more »

Looking Back

Lucy Blumberg, Public Health in Cuba 2014 It’s hard to remember how I thought about the world before going to Cuba, because right now it all seems different. I return to my global health classes more eager and with a story to tell, giving relevant anecdotes to theories and figures that felt out of my… Read more »

The Beauty of the Conversation

By Avra Shapiro, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 Somehow, two months have passed, and we’re leaving tomorrow. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to take away from my time here. Everything I’ve gained has come from the people, the Cuban people, with whom I’ve been lucky to interact. It is the… Read more »