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Death in a Coco Taxi

I went to Old Havana to the famous coffee shop with Gravy where we ate and drank the delicious tourist catered coffee and scones. When we were finished we realized that we were running out of time to meet Violet and June at the Saratoga hotel, thus we decided to take a taxi. Once near… Read more »

Don’t Speak, Pass for Cuban, Pay Less =)

Trying to budget for two months in Cuba is hard. The reality is that without access to banks, ATMs, credit cards, or even a Western Union, the cash you have in hand upon arrival is all you have. Being able to manage my finances was one of my biggest concerns, so I made a detailed… Read more »

Tips for taking máquinas

Sunny Song, Public Health in Cuba 2014 There are state taxis that are the classic yellow and black, private taxis for both Cubans and foreigners, and lastly máquinas: communal taxis on fixed routes that are often old American cars from the 50’s and 60’s turned into cabs. It’s best to stand with at least one… Read more »