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It is still very surreal to me that in less than 48 hours, I will be in Cuba. I cannot lie, preparing for this trip has been a stressful couple months and so I am relieved that it the departure day is almost here. Paying for this trip is not something that came easy to… Read more »

T-3 days

That’s how many days till I am no longer in the fickle winds of Evanston, nor the, often seen as, backwater country of Bowling Green, KY. Rather in a mere 72 hours or so I will be in Havana, Cuba. I’ve noticed how people react to this news. Due to some combination of embittered history… Read more »

Time is Ticking

In 2 days, I will be on a plane heading for Miami. In less than 48 hours, I will say goodbye to my family, friends, boyfriend, and life in Chicago for the next six weeks to head to Havana, Cuba. In the next 2,880 minutes, I need to fit all my belongings into my three… Read more »

T-minus 10 hours: Cuba is really happening!

I remember distinctly freshman year when I heard that there was a summer program that Northwestern offered in Cuba. I heard a senior at a student org meeting mention his time in Havana and I was taken aback. I only heard about trips to Cuba from other Cubans in my community that went visiting family…. Read more »

Comfortable Enough to be Uncomfortable

As I sit in the backseat of my parent’s car on my way to Minneapolis to fly out of the Midwest, I finally type out my first blog post. I am so very excited, and I know I have amazing adventures awaiting me in Havana, but I am also a little nervous. Living in a… Read more »

Oh, that’s right. . . I’m going to Cuba.

I’ve been saying since last spring that I was going to go to Cuba. At the last Weinberg advising meeting during spring quarter of my freshman year, my adviser had mentioned the Global Health minor in which the students were required to study abroad. Really cool courses, really relevant to the vision I have for… Read more »

Going Home

I can’t tell you the moment I realized I was “Cuban”. Café cubano and dominos were a part of my life long before I can remember. I grew up surrounded by stories my grandmothers told about the island. But their carefree tales were always weighed down by a longing they felt for a land they had lost. Just as much… Read more »

A Step before Reality

Taylor Riley, Public Health in Cuba 2015 Hi! My name is Taylor and I am studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Global Health. Throughout this whole week I have not been able to articulate how I’m feeling about going to Cuba. It still hasn’t fully processed in my head that I am actually going abroad,… Read more »

In the Thick of It

Just over two months ago on April 11, President Barack Obama and Cuban Head of State, Raul Castro met in person at the Summit of the Americas in Panama. The moment marked the first meeting of the leaders of their respective countries since 1961. Since the initial announcement of efforts to restore relations between the… Read more »

Cuban heritage? Maybe

Hi, and welcome to the best study abroad blog you’ll ever read! Perhaps that’s a little bit of an oversell. I am majoring in Creative Writing—I write fiction—so it should be decent, but at the very least I don’t want to set expectations too high. My name is Brendan Morales-Doyle and I am from Urbana,… Read more »