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Brochetas Peligrosas

One hot afternoon after a 3-hour Culture & Society class, a group of girls and I decided to eat lunch at a local cafeteria before returning to CEM for our afternoon activity. I ordered brochetas de cerdo that looked like the best kabobs I had ever seen, artistically skewered into a thick slice of grilled… Read more »

Cuba and Yuma are two different worlds

It’s taken a few days for me to compose my thoughts coming back from Cuba. I thought by now I would have an eloquent description of my time there. I thought I would be able to neatly explain what Cuba was like — out of the Cuba fog and into my American logic. But here… Read more »

Learning how to cook: Cuban mom edition

After more than five weeks in Havana, I can say I had sampled a pretty good deal of the food the island had to offer. But what I was missing was my friend’s mom’s cooking. My friend had told me for days that I should take a cooking lesson with his mom and every time… Read more »

Last Night I Dreamed About Chocolate Chip Pancakes

So being a vegetarian in Cuba (even a flexible one willing to eat seafood) is not a particularly easy feat. Meat is a daily dietary staple, especially pork – with many Cubans citing meat as their primary source of fiber. Pro tip: fiber does not come from meat. While traditional Cuban side dishes are fantastic… Read more »

T-minus 10 hours: Cuba is really happening!

I remember distinctly freshman year when I heard that there was a summer program that Northwestern offered in Cuba. I heard a senior at a student org meeting mention his time in Havana and I was taken aback. I only heard about trips to Cuba from other Cubans in my community that went visiting family…. Read more »

Now that I’m back…

I’m finally accepting that I may not see some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met ever again in my life and a week ago, I cried for the first time since I returned. [Unnamed Cuban Best Friend] finally responded to my email! It turns out he didn’t have enough money on his account… Read more »

Sundae My Way?

It is no secret that I love ice cream. It is no secret that I love all desserts adorned in chocolate, –dripping in chocolate, and/or filled with chocolate (and I have the pictures to prove it).  Given all of the above extremely important facts, it is no surprised that when Gravy (a fellow Northwestern IPD… Read more »

Don’t Speak, Pass for Cuban, Pay Less =)

Trying to budget for two months in Cuba is hard. The reality is that without access to banks, ATMs, credit cards, or even a Western Union, the cash you have in hand upon arrival is all you have. Being able to manage my finances was one of my biggest concerns, so I made a detailed… Read more »

Save money & eat vegan in Cuba

Despite the stereotype that veganism is a lifestyle only for wealthy Westerners, the cheapest and most accessible food in most of the world is vegan. Cuba is no exception. Because Cuba has a recent history of food shortages, animal products made newly cheap and available thanks to US subsidization and food dumping are prized among… Read more »

Ham? No, thank you!

After a couple weeks of adjustment to Cuban life, Cuban heat, and Cuban food, I think I’m finally ready to make some commentary on the most important of those three: Cuban food. We’ve eaten a pretty wide variety of foods, and there are some obvious differences from American cuisine. I’ll continue by giving some highlights… Read more »