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El Morro

At about 7 pm, I headed out of my apartment on 13 and G. Meeting up with friends on Linea, we caught a taxi and headed to El Morro to see the sunset. El Morro is a huge castle on the Malecón, marking the entrance into Havana Bay. Tourists flock to this enchanting landmark to… Read more »

Place like no other

Even after 14 days in Havana, I am still struggling to find the right worlds to describe this city. Havana does not look like or function like any other city I know. The decaying buildings, cars from the 50’s and strong presence of symbols and figures from the Revolution creates the illusion that we time… Read more »

A “Beautiful Dance”

Now that we are in our 3rd week here, it’s becoming easier to adjust to life in Cuba. At the same time, being in a country with so many contradictions creates surprises at every turn. Take this week for example. On Monday, we got the chance to speak to the Cuban political artist Tania Bruguera*…. Read more »

Week 6 Recap

By Lauren Sadowsky, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 Last week, our group went on a mini-trip to the eastern side of the Cuban island. We originally were to travel all the way to Santiago to go to Carnival; however, due to the Cuban nature of plans never being set in stone, cholera broke out… Read more »

Top ten – weeks five and six

By Claire Williams, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 As you might have noticed, my week five post failed to appear entirely and my week six post, here, is ambling along, as late as your average Cuban. To apologize for that tardiness, I have three words: Trinidad, Camagüey, and birthday. Not only did we depart… Read more »

The Run Through History – A 5K

By Alex Gunn, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2011 As I mentioned in my last post, I have gone on a lot of runs and explored a lot of different parts of Havana. I’ve seen the Necropolis de Colon (one of the largest cemetaries in the western hemisphere), the Havana zoo (which is home to… Read more »

The Caged Bird Sings in Cuba

By Alex Gunn, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2011 This past weekend, our group traveled to the western region of Cuba. Throughout the trip, one image kept appearing…a caged bird. This made me think back to a poem by Maya Angelou (that I’m pretty sure everyone had to read in high school) and these paintings… Read more »

The Architecture and History of Havana

By Anna Krist, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2011 This first week, we’ve been doing a lot of walking—walking to restaurants, back from dance clubs, and exploring neighborhoods.  Walking down a street in Havana, you can clearly see the different eras of Cuban history.  Buildings that were built during the 1700s are nestled in between… Read more »