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Reflection Post

I have been giving a fairly practiced response to the ever questioned inquiry, “How was Cuba?” It usually consists of a discussion of the pros and cons. The highs were high but there were certainly sacrifices. I’m not a screen geek, but having limited to no access to cellular data or internet for 6 weeks… Read more »

July 8th

Las Terrazas is part utopian society and part resort. We effectively visited neither today while being there for nearly five hours. Before I communicate the wrong message, though, let me say out front that it was a fantastic day. The bus arrived 40 minutes late to take us over two hours of the city to… Read more »

July 2nd

They told us Cubans are resilient. But resiliency takes on an entirely different meaning when you have to be resilient. Such that, Cuban resiliency is not a characteristic that is chosen or slowly molded; instead, Cubans, today, are practically born resourceful, intuitive, and canny. The Cuban “máquina” (Spanish for machine) perfectly encapsulates this ingenuity. The… Read more »

June 29th

We went to the beach this past Sunday. The plans were made hastily the night before with sparse details. We hailed máquinas (Cuba’s hybrid of hitchhiking and an Uber ride), and drove to our first landmark Hotel Inglaterra. From there we waited for a bus that was supposed to say Transtur. The bus eventually arrived;… Read more »

T-3 days

That’s how many days till I am no longer in the fickle winds of Evanston, nor the, often seen as, backwater country of Bowling Green, KY. Rather in a mere 72 hours or so I will be in Havana, Cuba. I’ve noticed how people react to this news. Due to some combination of embittered history… Read more »