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Reverse Culture Shock

I’m home! & boy, is it weird! Going to Cuba was a ridiculously cool and formative experience. I have grown as a person because of the trip, and I feel more confident in my abilities and life decisions. Additionally, I learned invaluable lessons about the role of the US in international politics, the realities of daily… Read more »

Save money & eat vegan in Cuba

Despite the stereotype that veganism is a lifestyle only for wealthy Westerners, the cheapest and most accessible food in most of the world is vegan. Cuba is no exception. Because Cuba has a recent history of food shortages, animal products made newly cheap and available thanks to US subsidization and food dumping are prized among… Read more »

Things you won’t think to pack

Every study abroad experience has its hurdles, but one especially noteworthy hurdle of studying abroad in Cuba is that you can’t just buy many of the things you’re used to being able to just buy. In Paris or Tokyo they might not have a familiar brand of deodorant or sunscreen, but you can probably find… Read more »

Drawing Conclusions

Today we were assigned to keep a journal of our observations relating to healthcare systems and culture in Cuba. In class, we discussed how the local practices of Santeria play heavily into the understanding of health and healing among individuals in Cuba, and evidence of these beliefs are all around us. We went to a… Read more »

Starting with Cuba

When I went to the IPD office for my first meeting with my study abroad adviser, she asked me if I’d ever been out of the country before. “No, I haven’t.” She laughed. “And you chose to start with Cuba?” Last year, when I started making plans to study abroad, I chose to go to… Read more »