Monthly Archives: September 2017

Viva Cuba Para Siempre

It’s been a few months since Cuba. I remember stepping off the plane into Miami International Airport and everything feeling too much. There were ads, there were restaurants, too much convenience, too much stuff. I also felt a sense of relief. I was going to finally see my family again I missed them so much…. Read more »

Reflection Post

I have been giving a fairly practiced response to the ever questioned inquiry, “How was Cuba?” It usually consists of a discussion of the pros and cons. The highs were high but there were certainly sacrifices. I’m not a screen geek, but having limited to no access to cellular data or internet for 6 weeks… Read more »

Half of My Heart is in Havana

After the sheer panic I experienced due to misplacing my visa, I immediately felt waves of sadness come over me as I climbed into our bus and watched Casa Lilly disappear. Along with exhaustion, I also felt as though part of me had been left in Havana as I waited in the Miami airport (cue… Read more »