Mis Abuelos Cubanos

My older brother studied and lived in La Habana for almost 10 years, and during this time, he met an elderly couple from Centro Habana who quickly became his Abuelos Cubanos. Their home became a second home for him, and they cared for him as if he truly was their grandson. During my time here, I made it a priority to find them and get to know them. The first time I called our Abuela it took maybe less than 20 seconds for her to invite me to her home, and that same afternoon I made it to their apartment. My Abuela and Abuelo, both retired lived in a small apartment in Centro Habana. They immediately welcomed me as if I were family, introducing me to their neighbors as their granddaughter, La Catrachita (“The Honduran”). Walking into their living room, felt like coming home. I was overwhelmed with joy sharing stories about my brother and hearing just how much they care for him. They did not have many material things as their income from the government was very low, however, their generosity and willingness to share anything they did have with me left me speechless. Throughout the weeks I lived in La Habana, I learned to take the gua-gua (bus) to their home just to spend a few hours chatting with them and listening to their stories, and every once in a while their entertaining old married couple arguments. I am grateful for many things from this trip, especially for my Abuelos Cubanos.