A Little Last Minute Shopping

A souvenir stand in Old Havana

We just got back from Trinidad and I am on a mission. I need to get souvenirs, cigars, and rum before we celebrate our last night out. A friend and I set out at 9 AM as I have agreed to help him get supplies for his nephew’s birthday party tomorrow. We spent the whole morning walking throughout Vedado collecting bags of fruit before heading to his aunt’s house to bring her our harvest. Needless to say, I was thoroughly exhausted but our day had just started. We hailed a taxi and raced to Old Havana to start shopping. I do not recommend shopping at the last minute; it seemed as though everything I wanted wasn’t there or was overpriced. Rushing through the streets, I was able to buy a baseball, desk trinket, and some well-deserved ice cream, bumping into groups of my friends along the way doing their own last-minute shopping. My friends and I even went on an hour hunt for a very specific set of dominoes that we unfortunately never found. I will definitely not forget this exhaustively crazy day, nor the friends that stuck with me and helped make this trip so memorable.