El Morro

Inside el Morro

At about 7 pm, I headed out of my apartment on 13 and G. Meeting up with friends on Linea, we caught a taxi and headed to El Morro to see the sunset. El Morro is a huge castle on the Malecón, marking the entrance into Havana Bay. Tourists flock to this enchanting landmark to see the picturesque sunset and the ceremonial cannon lighting that always begins at 9 pm. We arrived at el Morro and walked up a dirt path to pay 8 CUC, the price of being a tourist. After paying, I climbed up the stone stairway and looked out at Havana. The sun was slowly setting, casting a beautiful wash of pink and orange across the sky, hovering just above the water. As the sky grew darker, the lights from the city grew brighter, demonstrating a clear pattern: half of the lights on the Malecón were white and the other half were yellow. I turned to my friend to ask why there was a change in color, and he said the switch represents where Vedado ends and Old Havana begins. We quickly joined the rush of people heading toward the cannon ceremony, spotting actors dressed in colonial attire. Through a crowd of people, I saw the actors wave the torch overhead before lighting the cannon, producing a loud BOOM that seemed to shake the entire castle. The crowd burst into applause and laughter, while my friends and I headed off to Old Havana to enjoy the rest of our evening.