Facing a fear

As a Biology major, I have spent most of my time at Northwestern taking science classes and working in labs. When I had to select which elective to take, my first instinct was to go for the class I wouldn’t normally take back in Evanston. When I was younger, I was in a couple school plays, but I had never taken an actual theater class. I’m not going to lie, walking into Teatro Buendia the first day was intimidating. I couldn’t stop thinking that I was way out of my league. On the other hand though, it also excited me to be pursing something completely new. With an open mind, I set foot on that stage and followed along as our dance and movement instructor taught us a traditional Yoruba moves. The instructors, the theater staff, and the rest of my group members were all very encouraging. I was beginning to feel really good about everything until I heard the words “Okay, now we want to see one by one”. My heart sank, and my first instinct was immediately to negotiate: “¿En parejas?” (“Partners?”). My attempts did not work and so, one by one we each performed and improvised our dances in front of everyone. I can tell you I was so nervous I can’t remember what I did for those 45 seconds- which is probably a good thing as I can’t imagine it was any good. After I got off that stage, I realized I was still alive and then felt silly for being so nervous. Performing in front of a stage is not really my thing, but also its something I’m no longer terrified of. I feel proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new to me.