Monthly Archives: August 2016

Learning how to cook: Cuban mom edition

After more than five weeks in Havana, I can say I had sampled a pretty good deal of the food the island had to offer. But what I was missing was my friend’s mom’s cooking. My friend had told me for days that I should take a cooking lesson with his mom and every time… Read more »

Nails Done, Hair Done, Everything Did.

I spent basically the entire today, our very last day in Cuba, getting my hair done and I’m actually really glad that I spent my last day this way. Like most everything in Cuba I’ve found, I was surprised to see that I learned something new and significant about an aspect of the island while… Read more »

Four canes, a tarp, and a light

It’s hard to believe that it is already my last week in Cuba. So much time has gone by, but in many ways it feels like we just got here yesterday. We only just started working with Teatro Buendía (a world renowned theatre company in Cuba) a few weeks ago.They perform a lot of adaptations… Read more »

Respectfully Foreign

Cuba, especially Havana, has a thriving tourist industry – in case you were unaware. This is fairly obvious as you walk down the street, with many people speaking in languages other than Spanish, wearing stereotypical tourist fedoras and Bermuda shorts, and taking way too many pictures of questionably photo-worthy subjects. As at least a slightly… Read more »

Tom Haverford in Cuba? (maybe)

Around the second week we got here, me and three friends were wandering around looking for food to eat. Not knowing where to go, we allowed ourselves to be ushered into this modern white box that looked totally out of place among the romantic decay of Spanish architecture surrounding it. When we got inside we… Read more »