Monthly Archives: July 2016

Taking New Classes

This may or may not have happened 2 weeks ago but whatever, I’ve been busy, and I thought it was too interesting and hilarious not to share. Miriam, Clare and I were on our way back from a long evening of studying and writing a paper due for our first public health class at one… Read more »

Trinidad is more than horses and waterfalls

5 weeks in and we finally made it to Trinidad!!! When we arrived in Trinidad, I was ready for a break from city vibes. Not as many maquina taxis. Not as much Malecon going out nights. Trinidad is one of the bigger tourist cities in the provinces, but it’s essentially horseback riding, hiking through the… Read more »

Last Night I Dreamed About Chocolate Chip Pancakes

So being a vegetarian in Cuba (even a flexible one willing to eat seafood) is not a particularly easy feat. Meat is a daily dietary staple, especially pork – with many Cubans citing meat as their primary source of fiber. Pro tip: fiber does not come from meat. While traditional Cuban side dishes are fantastic… Read more »

A “Beautiful Dance”

Now that we are in our 3rd week here, it’s becoming easier to adjust to life in Cuba. At the same time, being in a country with so many contradictions creates surprises at every turn. Take this week for example. On Monday, we got the chance to speak to the Cuban political artist Tania Bruguera*…. Read more »

New Beginnings

Until recently, we, as Americans, have generally had a very limited and select knowledge of Cuba.  What we hear most of all about the people specifically, is Cubans leaving Cuba. And that’s why I wanted to spend my first blog in Cuba talking about a woman I have met on this trip, not a Cuban… Read more »

Hasta que se seca El Malecon

Almost three weeks in and I’m struggling with words to describe just how amazing my experience has been so far. In such a short time, I’ve made 19 new friends from Northwestern and countless other Cuban friends. And lots of that is thanks to El Malecon. El Malecon is like the “Meet me at Norris”… Read more »

A Lack of Rigidity

If there is one thing that has so far defined my experience here in Havana, it has been a supreme sense of flexibility – not only within myself, but fundamentally in the makeup of our program. Many of my classes at Northwestern have been in a traditional lecture format, with a professor speaking to a… Read more »