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He Cambiado

 I’ve been thinking about Cuba a lot since my return; it definitely changed me. I had been told countless times before my departure that study abroad “will change your life” but until I have been able to reflect on my experience since returning from Cuba, I hadn’t realized just what an impact those 2 months… Read more »

Now that I’m back…

I’m finally accepting that I may not see some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met ever again in my life and a week ago, I cried for the first time since I returned. [Unnamed Cuban Best Friend] finally responded to my email! It turns out he didn’t have enough money on his account… Read more »

“So how was Cuba?”

by Brendan Morales-Doyle It has been an odd experience readjusting from spending a couple of months in Cuba. My first impression, even while still on the plane flying over Miami, was how sleek everything looked here, from the lawns to the cars to the pools. I then refused to buy bottled water in the airport,… Read more »

There’s No Place Like Home…Or Is There?

I remember how nervous I was before I left for Cuba. I didn’t know anyone on the trip, I was concerned about how much money I would be spending, and more importantly, how much I would have left when I got back, AND on top of it all, I had not spoken Spanish in what… Read more »

“All Americans Know How to Play the Piano!”

“Americana!” Señor Valdes exclaimed after I responded to his inquiry as to where I was from. His eyes lit up and he excitedly told me about his relatives in Miami and his ex-wife in California. Then he motioned for me to come look at some pictures on his wall and pointed out all the American students he… Read more »

America the Great (lol)

One sunny Saturday afternoon last week, a floor mate told me about her first encounter with blatant racism in Cuba the night before. She and a group of our guy Cuban friends had decided to go out to Fabrica, a club/art gallery. However, the guys were stopped at the entry and told they could not… Read more »


Upon returning to the U.S. from Cuba, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to tell my friends and family when they ask me about my trip. What aspect of Cuba did I find to be the most interesting? Thought-provoking? Surprising? What have I learned about what it is to be Cuban? I think that… Read more »

Missing Cuba

My time in Cuba exceeded every expectation I could have possibly imagined or dreamt. I met great friends, danced to amazing music, and learned more in eight weeks than I ever thought possible. There is something unidentifiably magical about Cuba, maybe it’s something in the crystal clear beach water, the warm friendly faces that greet… Read more »

Death in a Coco Taxi

I went to Old Havana to the famous coffee shop with Gravy where we ate and drank the delicious tourist catered coffee and scones. When we were finished we realized that we were running out of time to meet Violet and June at the Saratoga hotel, thus we decided to take a taxi. Once near… Read more »

Sundae My Way?

It is no secret that I love ice cream. It is no secret that I love all desserts adorned in chocolate, –dripping in chocolate, and/or filled with chocolate (and I have the pictures to prove it).  Given all of the above extremely important facts, it is no surprised that when Gravy (a fellow Northwestern IPD… Read more »