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Malecón Monday

by Michael Fuentes Havana is a city filled with colonial architecture, beautiful old structures, and what is sometimes referred to as “Romantic Decay”. Cuba’s isolationist politics have kept it safe from capitalist development moguls, building big modern hotels, restaurants, businesses and more. The streets of Havana appear relatively unchanged over a period of decades. The… Read more »

Skate is Life.

Back at home, the basketball grind is taken very, very seriously, to the point of “ball is life” becoming a personal motto for many. But here in Cuba, the skaters rule, followed by surfers, and then the ballers (my friends at home would be astonished). This skating fever was something I noticed immediately upon arriving…. Read more »

Don’t Speak, Pass for Cuban, Pay Less =)

Trying to budget for two months in Cuba is hard. The reality is that without access to banks, ATMs, credit cards, or even a Western Union, the cash you have in hand upon arrival is all you have. Being able to manage my finances was one of my biggest concerns, so I made a detailed… Read more »

Reverse Culture Shock

I’m home! & boy, is it weird! Going to Cuba was a ridiculously cool and formative experience. I have grown as a person because of the trip, and I feel more confident in my abilities and life decisions. Additionally, I learned invaluable lessons about the role of the US in international politics, the realities of daily… Read more »

Warm People in Warm Places

I have a friend with Finnish family who often tells me that the Finns are a very cold people. There’s not a lot of physical contact, people put more distance between themselves, and people are just generally more reserved. It’s not that they are anti-social, but people show their friendship in different ways. I’ve also… Read more »

Save money & eat vegan in Cuba

Despite the stereotype that veganism is a lifestyle only for wealthy Westerners, the cheapest and most accessible food in most of the world is vegan. Cuba is no exception. Because Cuba has a recent history of food shortages, animal products made newly cheap and available thanks to US subsidization and food dumping are prized among… Read more »

Viva la Revolución

by Michael Fuentes In Cuba, there’s always talk of the Revolution of January 1959. Revolutionary forces (known as the Movimiento del 26) led by Fidel Castro, triumphed over the oppressive authoritarian government of Fulgencio Bautista. The extravagant Presidential Palace, pictured here, was the seat of power for Fidel Castro’s new government. Today, the palace has… Read more »