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Porque el Césped?

At this point in the trip we have just three weeks left and have just gotten back from an excursion to Trinidad and I’m a little beat up from the hiking and horseback riding, but at least my digestive system seems to have finally sorted itself out. So, after a rather negative post about sickness… Read more »

Things you won’t think to pack

Every study abroad experience has its hurdles, but one especially noteworthy hurdle of studying abroad in Cuba is that you can’t just buy many of the things you’re used to being able to just buy. In Paris or Tokyo they might not have a familiar brand of deodorant or sunscreen, but you can probably find… Read more »

Ham? No, thank you!

After a couple weeks of adjustment to Cuban life, Cuban heat, and Cuban food, I think I’m finally ready to make some commentary on the most important of those three: Cuban food. We’ve eaten a pretty wide variety of foods, and there are some obvious differences from American cuisine. I’ll continue by giving some highlights… Read more »

Drawing Conclusions

Today we were assigned to keep a journal of our observations relating to healthcare systems and culture in Cuba. In class, we discussed how the local practices of Santeria play heavily into the understanding of health and healing among individuals in Cuba, and evidence of these beliefs are all around us. We went to a… Read more »

“The Important Day”

by Daisy Villegas The excitement was tangible. It lay thick and hazy like afternoon sun. The building that for so long had been named the U.S. Special Interests building was now officially becoming the U.S. Embassy. As I stood outside the building, neck to neck with reporters competing for the best shot of the building and… Read more »


Unfortunately for me, much of my time in Havana has been spent in bed. While it’s true that most people in our group have been sleeping more here—probably the heat, it’s exhausting even when you’re not doing anything—this past week was my first in a while where I was not incapacitated for an entire day…. Read more »

Nadadora Sin Piscina

Finding a pool in Cuba was more difficult than expected. I am on the Northwestern varsity women’s swim team and my participation in this program was contingent upon my ability to continue training while abroad. After walking around to various hotels with Adrian, our program director, I was beginning to get anxious as each hotel… Read more »