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Learning the Cuban Way

by Daisy Villegas Being in Cuba is unlike being in any other Latin American country. I learned this faster than I could sweat. The first week challenged me in ways that I never anticipated. Aside from the unavoidable difficulties of adjusting to the heat and finding drinkable water, I was struck by how lost I felt… Read more »

A Step before Reality

Taylor Riley, Public Health in Cuba 2015 Hi! My name is Taylor and I am studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Global Health. Throughout this whole week I have not been able to articulate how I’m feeling about going to Cuba. It still hasn’t fully processed in my head that I am actually going abroad,… Read more »

In the Thick of It

Just over two months ago on April 11, President Barack Obama and Cuban Head of State, Raul Castro met in person at the Summit of the Americas in Panama. The moment marked the first meeting of the leaders of their respective countries since 1961. Since the initial announcement of efforts to restore relations between the… Read more »

Cuban heritage? Maybe

Hi, and welcome to the best study abroad blog you’ll ever read! Perhaps that’s a little bit of an oversell. I am majoring in Creative Writing—I write fiction—so it should be decent, but at the very least I don’t want to set expectations too high. My name is Brendan Morales-Doyle and I am from Urbana,… Read more »

Starting with Cuba

When I went to the IPD office for my first meeting with my study abroad adviser, she asked me if I’d ever been out of the country before. “No, I haven’t.” She laughed. “And you chose to start with Cuba?” Last year, when I started making plans to study abroad, I chose to go to… Read more »

Going to Cuba?

Going to Cuba is probably one of the most exciting things I’ve done, or will do in my Northwestern career (I’m a rising senior), besides buying a ton of purple sheets and other essential purple paraphernalia my freshman year. Going to Cuba was something I decided to do very early on in my Northwestern career… Read more »

A Whole New World

by Daisy Villegas I have only ever seen Cuba in tacky postcards, newspaper clippings, and in music videos. I never thought that I would someday see it for myself. In just two days, I will live and experience what all the postcards and newspaper articles have never been able to communicate—what life in Cuba is really… Read more »

Thoughts on the Trip Ahead

by Michael Fuentes My name is Mike Fuentes, I’ve just finished my second year of undergrad at Northwestern University, and I’m studying Economics and Spanish. When I chose to study in Cuba over the summer, I think I was drawn in by a lot of different factors. First, Cuba is a beautiful country with rich… Read more »