Monthly Archives: July 2013

On Being a White “Cuban”

By Carlos Martinez, Cuba: Culture & Society, Summer 2013 It’s an interesting phenomenon. Walking the streets of Cuba among a group of Americans and feeling both connected yet aloof. I am American. I was born in America, but the prevailing white hegemony in the States constantly reminds me that I am not the traditional American…. Read more »

The Other Domino Effect

By Nicholas Wang, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 I vaguely remember there being a set of dominos lying around my house when I was a kid, and playing with them by matching the numbers together or standing them next to each other and knocking them down. I think I must have come to Cuba… Read more »

The One in Which I Get Mugged

By Anna Radoff, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 To experience Cuba as a woman is to undergo a test of confidence and perseverance. Pssssssttttt They call you like an animal and proceed to comment on everything from your body to the way you walk. It is a constant flow of derogatory comments that makes… Read more »

The Cuban Pace

By Ariana Dietrich, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 I actually wrote this blog entry on my 4th day in Cuba but was having problems with my internet connection so my posting was delayed, which is a perfect illustration of lesson number one in Cuba: things rarely go exactly as planned, so being flexible and… Read more »

Almuerzo rápido

By Anna Radoff, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 “We are just going to stop for a quick lunch”. After only a few weeks here I know that is a lie. In Cuba there is no such thing as a fast lunch. Stopping for lunch entails at least two hours if not three. At first… Read more »