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China: What the Tech?

Before coming here, I – like many Americans – had a few stereotypes about China. I thought Chinese people loved to eat fortune cookies, preferred Eastern culture over Western culture, and had a technology infrastructure that was underdeveloped compared to America’s. However, these stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. Practically no Chinese restaurants serve fortune

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Hey guys, So as I just looked through a bunch of my photos from my trip thus far, it hit me that I have traveled to five different cities throughout China these past 8 weeks. When I initially began the trip I had no intentions of leaving Beijing and diverging from the campus and districts

Train Rides & Bike Rides

The first round of classes are over now, and we’re 3.5 weeks into the program. Time for a break, and about two-thirds of the class has decided to take a trip to Xi’an to see the Terra Cotta warriors. We’ve been booked on an overnight train that will get us there by 9 am the

Journey to the West (of Beijing)

Over the long weekend break between the two sessions we went to Xi’an. It was a really cool experience to travel in China with 23 of my fellow Northwestern students. We set out on a Wednesday right after finals ended and traveled there by an overnight sleeper train. When we got to Xi’an we were