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Settled and Thriving

Hi! My name is Esther Han and I’m a rising Medill junior currently in the Media & IMC program at Beijing’s Peking University. This is my first time studying abroad, and I’m excited to be here. A week’s already passed in China and I can confidently say that I’m thriving in this new, foreign land. Can’t

Homesick Celebrity

你好!/Hello!! Welcome back to my blog! The last few weeks have been exciting and exhausting. While I’ve been able to visit various parts of Beijing, I find myself still adjusting to the way of life here. Number one for me has been the food. Now I love Asian cuisine, but only on occasion. I’ve grown

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

One thing that I have since learned during my five month stay in Beijing is just how temperamental the weather is. The scorching morning sun might bake us alive, In the mornings we are embraced in the muggy, humid pollution, while just hours later we are baked alive by the scorching, afternoon sun. Between the

The Hot Summer Days

Huiqing Xu, NU in China, Summer 2014 After spending these several weeks in Beijing, I finally understand what hot and humid weather truly feels like. Stepping outside for just five minutes can leave you drenched in sweat. After enduring weeks of this weather, my friends and I decided to go to a waterpark. Not just any