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Acupuncture…Now you try

After a couple of sessions in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) learning about the theories governing this branch of medicine, we finally began the really interesting stuff–actually using TCM techniques to address problems. Before delving further into what we actually did, I think perhaps it’s necessary to make a note on what TCM is. As opposed

Reflections from the Teddy Bear-Covered Couch

So here I am, back on the couch from which I wrote my first blog post. It’s been almost three full months since then, three weeks since I came back from China. One of the things I’ve noticed since coming back is having a bit of a rapport with other people who have been to China,

Acupuncture and Bloodletting, Oh My!

There’s no fear of needles in my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) class.  For the last two weeks (and the next two weeks), I have been learning about the theories and practices of TCM. Aside from lecture, there have been several field trips to aid our learning. In the first week, the class visited the TCM

Gearing up to tackle health issues in China

Michelle Lu, Public Health in China, Summer 2014 The last three weeks in Beijing have been eventful and fun! Last week, for our Public Health in China class, we visited a local CDC and hospital to learn more about the public health system in China. Instead of having one central CDC like in the US,

Traditional Chinese Medicine Field Trips

By Liang Gu, Public Health in China, Summer 2013 This is a post about the field trips that we went on as a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine class. For other posts, please refer to: TCM Class  TCM Theory For once or twice a week during class time, we would meet a little earlier