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Tag: Public Health

Readjustment and Growth

My experiences in China feel like a combination of something that happened eons ago and something that happened only yesterday. Coming back to the States, I’ve already fallen into a routine of working on medical school interviews, catching up with friends, performing time-consuming errands, and working out the kinks of the upcoming school year. So much

A Little Bit About China’s Hospitals

Wow 3 weeks have passed in a flash! It’s so weird to think that the first session of classes is almost over. I’m amazed as I think back on how much I’ve already done in Beijing and excited for more adventure in Beijing. This past Monday the Public Health class visited Desheng Community Health Center

Don’t take this with a grain of salt!

Joseph Hsieh, Public Health in China, Summer 2014 Food takes center stage in China. In fact, the large variety of food available in Beijing was one reason I embarked on this study abroad. I experienced much of Beijing’s culture through my stomach. However, in addition to culture, food is also a major public health topic in