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Woah, We’re Halfway There

I have been in China for three weeks now and I am realizing that this is the halfway point of my six-week program… it is going by faster than I expected! A lot has happened since I left the United States, starting with the plane ride itself. It was almost surreal to watch our landing

Food for Thought

One of the things that most people who come to China rave about is the food. China has really diverse food options, and it seems like there’s something for everyone here! However, because I have stomach problems, I’ve been struggling to keep up a good diet here. This is mainly because most of the food

We Meet Again!

Hi There! My name is Cheron Z. Mims. After closing out a successful junior year, I am now a senior at Northwestern University (whoo-hoo!) studying Anthropology and Political Science with a Brady Scholars certificate. I am currently sitting on my bed reflecting on the past week I have had to spend with my family before

Revisiting the motherland as a foreigner

Liang Gu, Public Health in China, Summer 2013 My name is Liang Gu, and I’ve just finished my junior year at Northwestern. I am currently a biology major with a concentration in physiology and also pursuing a minor in global health. After graduating I plan to take a year off to attempt to enjoy life

The Things That Stay With You

Samuel Wagreich, Political and Economic Development in China, Summer 2012 As my final days in China are fast approaching, I’m trying to figure out the things that are going to stay with me.  I know that the explicit details of this trip will eventually evaporate into the vast cloud of my memory, leaving the vague