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Going Up One More Floor

Guess where. Above 90 degree temperatures with sweltering humidity. Overwhelming swarms of people. Buzzing mosquitoes. Delicious food. Pandas. Yup, that’s my tropical island mansion. Well, I wish at least. I actually only left China a few days ago, where I am now currently relaxing with my aunt and uncle in San Diego. And to be

Foreign Farewell

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe there are only two days left in the program here in Beijing! It’s unreal how close the end is. Though this trip was only 8 weeks, it felt like a lifetime. I learned soooo much about Chinese culture, history, politics, and language. This knowledge has allowed me to look at

From the U.S. to China and back to the U.S.

It has been approximately three months since I left for Beijing, and about one month since I have come back. The few months of summer have passed by so quickly that it feels as if it were only a week long. But when I sit down to truly reflect over what has happened in this

Talent Show!

Last week of classes in China are finished, finals have been taken, and all that’s left now is the talent show. Every year the Northwestern study abroad students who spend their summer in China come together to have a talent show at the very end. It’s a great opportunity to reflect upon the experiences we have

Until Next Time…

It’s hard to believe just how quickly these past eight weeks have passed by. When we first arrived, we were bright-eyed bushy-tailed as we struggled to assimilate into the completely new environment. Yet as the weeks went on, we became more accustomed to the way things were and our days felt normal and comfortable. Having