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Tag: expectations

The Bus Doesn’t Wait

The saying “the bus doesn’t wait” has become all too popular among Northwestern students studying abroad in China. Perhaps it is because the phrase has turned into one of Professor Gu’s mantras. But perhaps it is also because the bus, more often than not, does indeed wait. Of course, I’m talking about our trusty private

The Wayward Path Ends Where It Began

This has been a time of change. I like to think of change as a baby elephant we are always riding. With more change, more age, the elephant grows up and inevitably, we become more aware of the world around us. It was just one week ago that I hurriedly scribbled away the last words

Foreign Farewell

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe there are only two days left in the program here in Beijing! It’s unreal how close the end is. Though this trip was only 8 weeks, it felt like a lifetime. I learned soooo much about Chinese culture, history, politics, and language. This knowledge has allowed me to look at

Homesick Celebrity

你好!/Hello!! Welcome back to my blog! The last few weeks have been exciting and exhausting. While I’ve been able to visit various parts of Beijing, I find myself still adjusting to the way of life here. Number one for me has been the food. Now I love Asian cuisine, but only on occasion. I’ve grown

Huangshan & Hangzhou: An Unexpected Journey

I still can’t believe I’m nearing the end of my sixth week here in China. These last few weeks have been hectic and not to mention incredibly adventurous. Two weeks ago, a group of friends and I went to Huangshan City and Hangzhou for our long weekend break. Initially, I was nervous about going on

Worry is Healthy

In most people’s introductory posts, people have told you everything they’re excited about regarding studying abroad in China. However, I’m going to do something a little different: I’m going to talk about everything I’m worried about happening in China. 1. I’m worried about getting sick in China; I have a hiatal hernia, which I take

We Meet Again!

Hi There! My name is Cheron Z. Mims. After closing out a successful junior year, I am now a senior at Northwestern University (whoo-hoo!) studying Anthropology and Political Science with a Brady Scholars certificate. I am currently sitting on my bed reflecting on the past week I have had to spend with my family before

See You In Beijing

Hi! My name is Irene Chang and I am a freshman (rising sophomore) in Weinberg studying Economics and International Studies. Currently, I am back in my hometown of Naperville, Illinois. It is only 45 minutes away from Evanston, so the transition from home to college wasn’t too bad. However, I’m not too sure what the

The country my family calls home

My name is Yue Wen Deng, and I’m a rising junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Global Health. Besides my love for all things genetics and molecular biology, I am interested in public health as well, in particular health disparities and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Having grown up in the U.S., I chose the Public

Thoughts from the Teddy Bear-Covered Couch

I intended on writing this blog during the 8 hour layover between my flight from New York City to Amsterdam. Instead, I’m writing this from my couch at home. Well, why did that happen? Because the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry (it took me like 15 minutes to find an