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After two weeks…

Two weeks have past since I started the Public Health program in Beijing and already so much has happened. I expected a greater amount of culture shock but I found that Beijing is similar to Chicago- albeit much larger and much busier. The local food is amazing. I ate at so many resturants my first

An unforgettable experience

Hi! My name is Maegan Ramchal and I’m a rising junior in Weinberg. I’m studying psychology and environmental sciences. I’ll be doing the IPD Public Health program in Beijing. Right now I’m sitting in my room surrounded by half-packed suitcases and unfolded clothes, but in less than 2 days I’ll be in China! The last

We Meet Again!

Hi There! My name is Cheron Z. Mims. After closing out a successful junior year, I am now a senior at Northwestern University (whoo-hoo!) studying Anthropology and Political Science with a Brady Scholars certificate. I am currently sitting on my bed reflecting on the past week I have had to spend with my family before

NU Experience

Hi hi! My name is Grace Hong. I’m a rising sophomore in the School of Communication with a major in communication studies and a minor in Chinese. I am going for the IMC certificate as well. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Troy, Michigan. A lot of people have asked me

Niu rou mian, please.

It’s hard to fathom, but I’ve already spent three and a half weeks in Beijing! I’m going to be especially cheesy here, but time does fly when you’re having fun or maybe…it flies when you’re exhausted from the fun you’re having. It’s daunting to write a cohesive blog post about these past three weeks, since

Final Reflections

Liang Gu, Public Health in China, Summer 2013 I am currently in my hometown visiting my relatives. After the end of the program, I decided to stay in Beijing for a few extra days to meet up with a friend. Whenever I had free time, however, I found myself at Beida because the area was