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Category: Wanxiang Fellows Program 2012

Yellow Mountain in a Day

The Wanxiang program goes to Hangzhou directly after getting back from Xi’an. We’ve been here for a week. The classes are a different topic each day, each with a different focus on energy supply and development in China. We were also assigned “ambassadors” who are local students who speak English pretty well. They have been

Wanxiang Fellows Reception & Research Presentations

Although we’re already two and a half weeks into Fall Quarter, last Friday, October 12, marked the official end of the Summer Wanxiang Fellows Program.  The inaugural program’s nine student participants presented highlights from their experience in China and their team research projects to an audience of Northwestern faculty, staff, and students, and visitors from

Welcome to 711

Yousuf Ahmad, China Wanxiang Fellows Program, Summer 2012 妳好! Sorry for keeping everyone waiting- this will be my last post 🙁 but here we go: The Hangzhou portion of the trip we were pampered really well. The student ambassadors from Wanxiang Polytechnic were especially kind and helpful in showing us around and making us feel

Ghetto shortcuts and 50 cent bill$

Yousuf Ahmad, China Wanxiang Fellows Program, Summer 2012 你好 and Salaam everybody! So first thanks for all the feedback and support for the blog! Please let it keep coming! I’m going to focus this post primarily on some of the adventures I’ve taken solo. It’s always nice to travel in groups, have a native speaker