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Back in the States

It’s only been a couple days since I’ve gotten back and it’s been weird. But, I can say for sure that the jet lag has been terrible. Another thing to note is that I already miss the food even though I really thought I wouldn’t. I had chipotle for lunch today and it made me

Being home

After being back in the country for a month, I feel somewhat lost. There was so much to do in Beijing, every day felt like an adventure. But now, being home, I find myself missing all the little things I took for advantage. I wish I was back in my dorm, hanging with my frisbee

Nearing the End

Shanghai was an amazing time. We saw a lot of differences between the two major cities in China. In Beijing, the traffic is a lot worse. Shanghai truly feels like an international city. On every street corner we heard a different variety of dialects (like Cantonese) and languages (French, German, and English!). I liked the

Getting Acclimated

It’s been a month in Beijing already. We have finished taking our finals for the first part of Chinese. I think it went smoothly! There was an oral and written section. Through this final, I’ve bonded with a lot of my classmates. We were pretty nervous. Incidentally, for the Political Science class, a group of

First Days

Beijing is not as hot as I expected! The smog is exactly what people have made it out to be though. This first weekend, we went to the Great Wall at Simatai, one of the steepest sections of the wall. It was such a trek, but my friends and I are extremely proud of each

Goodbye 美国

Thinking about leaving America for two months straight is a little nerve-wracking. Even though I’ve been out of the country before, this will be for the longest period of time. Being the avid packer that I am, I’ve already started gathering my items. I bought packing cubes for this specific trip because I know there’ll

In the End

At the end of the program, I did not go back home straight away. Instead, I traveled to the southern part of China. With a friend as well as with some of my relatives, I stayed in Guangzhou, and lastly a small town even more south than that. Having the ability to travel to and

Beijing Reflection

It has been a few weeks since I left Beijing and it is a little strange. I was jetlagged for a week after coming home! I miss all of the great people I met on the trip and I am really excited to see them again when we get back to Northwestern in a couple

Going Up One More Floor

Guess where. Above 90 degree temperatures with sweltering humidity. Overwhelming swarms of people. Buzzing mosquitoes. Delicious food. Pandas. Yup, that’s my tropical island mansion. Well, I wish at least. I actually only left China a few days ago, where I am now currently relaxing with my aunt and uncle in San Diego. And to be

Its Almost Over…

The last couple of weeks in the program, it was a big rush and passed by extremely quickly. Everyone was rushing to do all the things they haven’t done yet in Beijing, and go to the places they haven’t been yet. I myself also did not escape this trend. At the beginning of the program,