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The Sunsets on My Summer in Beijing

The 8 weeks are up on my summer in Beijing and I could not have asked for a better experience. I met amazing people and discovered a new interest in public health that I did not have before. I have always been passionate about sustainability but I was able to see first-hand how deeply the

1000 Years in the Making

In the second half of the program, we took a Traditional Chinese Medicine class where we were able to perform cupping and acupuncture on one another. This was my favorite part of the program because TCM is something I had always heard of but never fully understood, and learning the history and theory behind was

CNN Reports: China Region(Beijing) Set to Become Deadliest Heat Wave Zone

It’s no secret that Climate Change has been a burning issue for quite sometime, but it is much more prevalent in certain areas, like Beijing for example. Though I have become somewhat use to the heat in Beijing, 110 degrees every single day is pretty excessive. Everyone in the program is coping by blasting their

Peking Duck is a Must (and dumplings, of course)

I’m almost halfway done with the program, and I cannot believe how fast time flew! The first day I arrived in Beijing, the smog was unbelievable, I couldn’t even see the tops of buildings. To my surprise though, the next day and every day after has been mostly blue skies or just cloudy and rainy

My “Post-Grad” Plans

Hello! My name is Jena DiFiore and I just submitted my last final at Northwestern. I’m extremely nervous and excited to walk across the stage on Saturday and then I leave for Beijing the next day! Everyone keeps asking me “So what’s your post-grad plans?” and it feels pretty cool to say “I’m going to