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Month: September 2018

Going Up One More Floor

Guess where. Above 90 degree temperatures with sweltering humidity. Overwhelming swarms of people. Buzzing mosquitoes. Delicious food. Pandas. Yup, that’s my tropical island mansion. Well, I wish at least. I actually only left China a few days ago, where I am now currently relaxing with my aunt and uncle in San Diego. And to be

Its Almost Over…

The last couple of weeks in the program, it was a big rush and passed by extremely quickly. Everyone was rushing to do all the things they haven’t done yet in Beijing, and go to the places they haven’t been yet. I myself also did not escape this trend. At the beginning of the program,

On a Mini-Vacation

During our five-day break my roommate and I decided to go to Shanghai to explore even more of China. Shanghai is very different from Beijing. Maybe it was because we were mostly checking out areas where tourists usually visit in Shanghai, but I got a more “modern” and extravagant vibe from Shanghai while in Beijing

One Week In…

After one week into the program, I pretty much got a taste of what the rest of the program is going to be like. I was tired yet still excited. We had just come back from being at the Great Wall and I feel like being able to keep up with the speed we are


Prior to leaving to China, I took a little trip with one of my best friends to LA. Looking back on it now, it was quite a bad decision because I got burnt before even setting foot on one of the hottest places to be in the summer. I came back home with less than

Two Weeks Left :(

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve gotten back from Shanghai and this program’s almost over???I think one of the greatest things I’ve learned so far about China is the diversity in food. Food from provinces such as Sichuan or Zhejiang have completely different flavors, all great in their own ways and unique to

Long Weekend Already?

Somehow, I feel like I blinked and the first half of this program has passed. I truly can’t believe that it’s already the long break. It was weird to see how quickly and how jam packed each class was. While I felt like classes had just begun, we had already all learned so much content.

Great Wall!

So I’ve been in Beijing for a week and it has been something. The immersion was definitely a big change in my life. It was hard to go from only speaking in English with my friends at school to speaking in Wenzhounese with my family and then completely doing a 180 and speaking primarily in

The Sunsets on My Summer in Beijing

The 8 weeks are up on my summer in Beijing and I could not have asked for a better experience. I met amazing people and discovered a new interest in public health that I did not have before. I have always been passionate about sustainability but I was able to see first-hand how deeply the

1000 Years in the Making

In the second half of the program, we took a Traditional Chinese Medicine class where we were able to perform cupping and acupuncture on one another. This was my favorite part of the program because TCM is something I had always heard of but never fully understood, and learning the history and theory behind was