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Half way done!

I am writing this while in Qingdao, a city in China famous for its beaches and German influences. I am in Qingdao for the short break we have in between the first and second half of the program. I cannot believe four weeks have gone by so quickly- but at the same time I cannot believe how much I have done and seen and learned in just one month. I got to see so many more cultural sites in Beijing, like the Capital Museum.

Qingdao is so different from Beijing. Its much smaller and a lot less hectic. On our first day we went to the May Fourth Square and walked along the pier to one of Qingdao’s Bathing Beaches. Then in the evening, we went to the Olympic Sailing Center and enjoyed the nice weather by the sea.

The next day we went to the old German town. It was an interesting area because it did not feel like we were in China. The architecture was very European. We stopped at a castle by the sea and toured it for a little bit before moving on to another part of the city. Later we went to the Tsingtao Brewery, which also acted as a museum.

I am really glad that I made the decision to visit Qingdao and I wish I had more time to explore the city. But now it is time to return to Beijing and get ready for the second half of the classes and adventures!

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