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Month: September 2015

Craving Niu Rou Mian

After spending an additional four weeks in Guangzhou, I felt ready to return to Chicago (you should have seen the big grin I had upon seeing the beautiful skyline on the plane; I’m sure I scared the passenger next to me). I was eager to go back and missed the familiarity and comfort we all

Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

I grew a lot in China. While I was checking out on my last day, the lady at the front desk asked me, in Chinese, about some of the junk my roommate left in our room.  I responded, in Chinese, without hesitation.  I didn’t ask her if she could speak English; I didn’t ask anyone

Back in Evanston

It was an amazing experience to spend 8 weeks studying and living in Beijing, but I’m still glad to be back in the United States. It’s nice to see clear, blue skies almost everyday again, though there were actually periods of good weather and little pollution. Beijing is notorious for the smog so it was

From the U.S. to China and back to the U.S.

It has been approximately three months since I left for Beijing, and about one month since I have come back. The few months of summer have passed by so quickly that it feels as if it were only a week long. But when I sit down to truly reflect over what has happened in this

A Reflection

Hi everyone, last blog entry. It’s been two weeks since I got back to the US, and I’ve had some time to reflect about what happened this summer. My trip lasted longer the program, and I traveled in China for 3 weeks and Japan for 2, then finally left Asia. There was so much and

A look back at Beijing

It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks ago I was in the capital of China, eating ridiculously cheap (and delicious) meals, taking advantage of one-kuai bus rides, and sightseeing all over the city. In the month that I’ve been back in the States, I’ve realized that there’s definitely some things I will miss

Reflections from the Teddy Bear-Covered Couch

So here I am, back on the couch from which I wrote my first blog post. It’s been almost three full months since then, three weeks since I came back from China. One of the things I’ve noticed since coming back is having a bit of a rapport with other people who have been to China,

Talent Show!

Last week of classes in China are finished, finals have been taken, and all that’s left now is the talent show. Every year the Northwestern study abroad students who spend their summer in China come together to have a talent show at the very end. It’s a great opportunity to reflect upon the experiences we have