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Month: July 2015

Journey to the West (of Beijing)

Over the long weekend break between the two sessions we went to Xi’an. It was a really cool experience to travel in China with 23 of my fellow Northwestern students. We set out on a Wednesday right after finals ended and traveled there by an overnight sleeper train. When we got to Xi’an we were

Why I Speed-Walk

Having been in China for a little over a month now, the single strongest impression I have of the country is its massive population. It’s one thing to read about Beijing’s population of 20 million people, but walking in the streets or riding the subway really puts that number in perspective. I’m especially thankful for

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

One thing that I have since learned during my five month stay in Beijing is just how temperamental the weather is. The scorching morning sun might bake us alive, In the mornings we are embraced in the muggy, humid pollution, while just hours later we are baked alive by the scorching, afternoon sun. Between the

Crawling Up The Great Wall

These past couple of weeks in China have been a whirlwind of new experiences. Before I had even fully adjusted to the time change, I had already explored a not-yet-public part of Summer Palace with Morty, drowned in a rainstorm while walking back from dinner, and crashed a toboggan while sliding down the Great Wall

Niu rou mian, please.

It’s hard to fathom, but I’ve already spent three and a half weeks in Beijing! I’m going to be especially cheesy here, but time does fly when you’re having fun or maybe…it flies when you’re exhausted from the fun you’re having. It’s daunting to write a cohesive blog post about these past three weeks, since

A Little Bit About China’s Hospitals

Wow 3 weeks have passed in a flash! It’s so weird to think that the first session of classes is almost over. I’m amazed as I think back on how much I’ve already done in Beijing and excited for more adventure in Beijing. This past Monday the Public Health class visited Desheng Community Health Center

Pizza Hut and Other Adventures

In the three short weeks I’ve been in China so far, I’ve experienced a collection of firsts. Even though I thought I knew what to expect based on my previous trips to China, Beijing constantly surprised me. On the first weekend, we visited the Forbidden Palace in the heart of Beijing (and casually picked up

Wo Bu Shi Laoshi

I’m now going into week 4 of living in Beijing. I’ve heard that it takes about three weeks to form habits and get used to new setting, and I feel like that’s definitely held true for me. I know how to navigate campus. I have a feel for what to eat and what not to

Culture Shock Never Ends

Learning is a terrifying experience. That is what makes culture shock shocking. You are exposed to new things; forced into difficult situations; and become a stranger in a strange country. China is a strange country, but everyday I become less and less of a stranger. I got over the culture shock hump pretty quickly. By

Jian Bing (spicy pancakes)

Hey, everyone! I’ve been in Beijing for two weeks now, and am getting settled into the routine and also time zone here. We’re living in Beijing University (Beida), the most prestigious university in the entire country, and even though it’s summer, it’s still packed with people. I don’t think American people can really understand the