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Month: August 2012

Musings from a continuing traveller

Maitreyi Sistla, Public Health in China, Summer 2012 Hello all, It actually astounds me its only been a week since we’ve left China; maybe it’s just the multitude of things that have happened since then that makes it seem like I left over a month ago. I do still miss China a ton, but instead

Tea Ceremony

Anthony Chiodo, Political and Economic Development in China, Summer 2012 During our trip to Hangzhou, my classmates and I found a teashop in the middle of one of the local ancient streets. While we were there, we were given a tea pouring performance by the storeowners. We were also taught the techniques of drinking tea,

A Different Kind of Mindset

Tessa Chiu, Political and Economic Development in China, Summer 2012 As I finish off putting the last of my things in my suitcase to go home,  it is actually starting to hit me that we’re soon all going off on our own ways. Thinking about leaving my dorm in Peking University’s ZhongGuanXinYuan, I realize that

The Things That Stay With You

Samuel Wagreich, Political and Economic Development in China, Summer 2012 As my final days in China are fast approaching, I’m trying to figure out the things that are going to stay with me.  I know that the explicit details of this trip will eventually evaporate into the vast cloud of my memory, leaving the vague


Akhilesh Pant, Political and Economic Development in China, Summer 2012 It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact type of satisfaction that I felt after going an entire day without speaking a word of English. It wasn’t as much pride as it was a sense of resourcefulness and empowerment that could only come after being in China

Welcome to 711

Yousuf Ahmad, China Wanxiang Fellows Program, Summer 2012 妳好! Sorry for keeping everyone waiting- this will be my last post 🙁 but here we go: The Hangzhou portion of the trip we were pampered really well. The student ambassadors from Wanxiang Polytechnic were especially kind and helpful in showing us around and making us feel