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Information about the Innovative Initiatives (I2) Opportunity

Purpose and Guidelines:

Funding up to $15,000 will be provided for expenses to support the development and submission of a large/center grant proposal for external funding. Funds will be provided by the Office of Research and the faculty team’s schools based on the proportional number of faculty in the team. Faculty from the School of Communication, School of Education and Social Policy, and Bienen School of Music are required to obtain their Dean’s approval of the school’s cash contribution prior to developing a proposal.

Examples of allowable expenses include: workshop or kick-off meeting/retreat, partial support for attendance of external collaborators to a meeting/retreat, fees for generation of proposal graphics, honorarium for “red team” reviews of proposal draft before submission, etc.

The PI is required to provide the draft proposal in sufficient advance of the submission deadline for an independent “red team” review for evaluation of clarity, persuasiveness, and how it addresses or aligns with the sponsor’s evaluation criteria.  Research Development will coordinate the review, with input from the team about appropriate reviewers.

Research Development can provide programmatic and project management support for the development of the proposal.

Team Requirements:

The faculty team should be cross-school (at least two schools at Northwestern), cross-department (at least two departments other than the PI’s), and represent new collaborations within the University.  The proposed research should not be an extension of a currently funded program; however, it can be a resubmission of a large/center proposal. In this case, the sponsor’s reviews of the initial proposal are required as part of the I2 application.

To Apply:

Faculty members interested in applying are required to submit an application as outlined below.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  The application will be reviewed by senior leadership in the Office for Research, and the PI will be notified of the outcome within a few days.

  1. Download and complete the Innovative Initiative I2 application form..
  2. Submit your application (and previous sponsor’s reviews, if applicable) by completing this web form.

Award Administration:

Expenses will be charged to the PI’s discretionary account and will be reimbursed upon receipt of a financial statement demonstrating the paid expenses and submission of the proposal.

After the sponsor’s funding decision has been determined, the PI is required to share the sponsor’s reviews with the Research Deans and the Office for Research.