Below there is a list of all the students I have worked with in the past where my role was either the chair of their dissertation committee or where I was a member that met with the student on a regular basis. I also include my current students, including those that passed their prospectus and third year students that plan to have me as their chair of their dissertation committee.

If you are a current student and would like to consider working in the field of econometrics, please stop by my office to chat about it.

Current Students

  1. Isaac Loh
    5th Year Student
  2. Deborah Kim
    4th Year Student
  3. Yong Cai
    4th Year Student

Former Students

  1. Joseph Hardwick (2020, Committee Chair).
    First Job: The University of Chicago.
  2. Ryan Lee (2020, Committee Chair).
    First Job: Bates and White
  3. Max Tabord-Meehan (2019, Committee Chair).
    First Job: The University of Chicago.
  4. Eric Mbakop (2018, Committee Chair)
    First Job: University of Calgary, Canada.
  5. Vishal Kamat (2018, Committee Chair)
    First Job: Toulouse School of Economics, France.
  6. Sofya Budanova (2017, Committee chair).
    First job: ICEF, Moscow.
  7. Sergey Gitlin (2017, Committee co-chair).
    First job: Uber.
  8. Yi Sun (2016, Committee chair).
    First job: University of Sydney, Australia.
  9. Shruti Sinha (2015, Committee co-chair).
    First job: Toulouse School of Economics, France.
  10. Arkadiusz Szydlowski (2014, Committee co-chair).
    First job: University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
  11. Joachim Freyberger (2013, Committee member).
    First job: University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  12. Matt Masten (2013, Committee member).
    First job: Duke University.
  13. Maria Ponomareva (2010, Committee member).
    First job: Western Ontario, Canada.