November 2017 Update




Our website now how a QR code! Please use it widely – on posters, handouts, dissemination materials, etc. The cameras on most smartphones can detect and read QR codes; give it a try!



Dr. Roseanne Schuster and Margaret Butler (a Northwestern PhD student) recently submitted an abstract (“Unbreastfed”: The far-reaching consequences of water insecurity for infant feeding) for the 2018 Society for Applied Anthropology Meeting; they will use qualitative HWISE data to explore how water insecurity impacts infant feeding. Also included as an author? The HWISE Consortium! As we move forward with publication, let’s follow their precedent by utilizing HWISE Consortium for authorship purposes.

Members of the consortium are currently using the HWISE data to investigate interesting, important topics. If you have analyses you’d like to perform, please read the above section regarding how to propose other analyses.

  • How water insecurity may impact infant feeding (Roseanne Schuster, Maggie Butler)
  • How worry over water impacts perceived stress (Amber Pearson, Ashley Hagaman, Cassie Workman)
  • Describing water sharing practices, which includes both borrowing and loaning (Amber Wutich)
  • Subjective assessment of the severity of various water insecurity items in Ethiopia (Kenny Maes, Yihenew Tesfaye)
  • How water insecurity experiences differ between men and women in Tanzania (Vicky Santoso, Shalean Collins, and Sera Young)


An editorial on a paper authored by several HWISE Consortium members was recently published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. Like our group, the author calls for a broader conceptualization of water insecurity – great to see that other people are recognizing the many dimensions of water!


Shalean Collins recently attended the International WaTER Conference in Norman, OK and presented on the current status of our HWISE project. More specifically, Shalean discussed how the survey was developed, where it’s being implemented, and opportunities for collaboration.


  • Data entry has recently been completed for the following sites:
  • Data entry has recently been completed for Mérida, Mexico
  • Dr. Asher Rosinger has secured an impressive 50 enumerators for data collection in San Borja, Bolivia, which will start this week
  • In total, we have cleaned data for 3,392 participants across 11 sites

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