September 2017 Update

  ·  Welcome to the monthly HWISE debrief! ·

In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, we have decided to share recent HWISE developments through a monthly debrief. In these debriefs, updates will be marked with a  blue  header while actions items will be highlighted in  yellow .


To those who were able to attend the HWISE conference, we thank you for your hard work and for taking the time to think critically about such an important topic. To those who were unable to attend, we hope to meet in person soon. And to everyone: we are so incredibly thankful to be working with such wonderful collaborators and are looking forward to next steps.


Main takeaways from the conference include:

  • ways to revise the current HWISE scale
  • improvements to the survey implementation process
  • plans for future papers
  • the need to develop and refine the responsibilities of a Steering Committee

To reflect on what was discussed, please review read the summary article here.



While the Northwestern team is busy researching best data management practices, a lot of other great HWISE endeavors are in the works!

  • Data collection has most recently been completed in:
    • Dushanbe, Tajikistan
    • Kahemba, Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Mérida, Mexico
    • Kampala, Uganda
  • Wendy, Amber, Sera, and Justin are in the process of completing an NSF Research Coordination Networks (RCN) grant
    • Funding from this grant would allow us to continue to host engaging conferences as well as promote collaboration through career development workshops, research capacity development training sessions, etc.
  • Wendy is currently in Stockholm, taking part in World Water Week. While learning about new developments in the realm of water research, she is also promoting and sharing information about our own collaborative HWISE project. Below is the flyer she has been distributing to attendees.



At the HWISE conference, we reflected critically on the survey and proposed several changes to the questions, including additions, modifications, and subtractions. Those suggestions have been summarized here; please review this document and send your feedback to Josh Miller<josh.miller(at)>; he will compile this information into a summary report that will be used to make final revisions. 


We have created a timeline of study activities to date, as well as anticipated future endeavors. It is our hope that this figure will help to organize our thinking and attract funders to our project. Any feedback on the figure is greatly appreciated.


Currently, we have no active papers. But, in the coming days, we will begin writing an HWISE protocol paper. Please stay tuned for opportunities to collaborate and to offer feedback.

A more formal procedure for sharing abstract and manuscript ideas is being developed. However, if you have something you would like to work on, please add it here.


We want to share your hard work, as well as that of your other team members! If you have any updates (e.g. data collection started, staff trained, etc.), please share them with us and we’ll be sure to include them in a news story for the website.


  1. India has been added as a new study site
  2. We are talking with other potential collaborators about adding sites in Iran, Barbados, Colombia, and Mexico
  3. Unfortunately, data collection in Bolivia is not feasible at this time
  4. All data collection is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2018 


Send any queries or issues (e.g. links not working, need an Enketo form developed) to Josh <josh.miller(at)>.

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