Past Group News


May 2019 The Hupp group welcomes So-yoen Kim, a visiting scholar from Korea University, where she received her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry this year. Her research in the Hupp Group will focus on inorganic and organometallic photochemistry and catalysis. Welcome to the group!

May 2019 – Congratulations to Tim Goetjen for passing his qualifying exam!

April 2019 – Congratulations to Ying Yang for passing her qualifying exam!

April 2019 – Congratulations to Dr. Subhadip Goswami on being selected to participate in the 2019 Future Faculty Symposium at the Fall 2019 American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego, CA.

April 2019 – Dr. Jian Liu, Timothy Goetjen, Qining Wang, and Dawn Duan attended the Catalysis Club of Chicago (CCC) Spring Symposium in Naperville, Illinois. Tim presented his work on ethylene oligomerization, which was recently published in ACS Sustainable Chemical Engineering. The title of Tim’s poster was “Enhanced Ethylene Oligomerization Activity with a Chromium(III) Catalyst Supported on a Metal-Organic Framework.” 

April 2019 – The Hupp group welcomes four new visiting scholars: Andrés Sánchez, a Ph.D. student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile; Dr. Tian-Jiao Hu, who received her Ph.D. from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry under Prof. Guoqiang Lin; Dr. Qin Liu, who received her Ph.D. from the University of Science and Technology under Prof. Li Song; and Dr. Wentuan Bi, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Science and Technology under Profs. Yi Xie and Changzheng Wu. Welcome to the group!

April 2019 – The Hupp group excitedly congratulates Nick Huryk on receiving the permanent position of Program Assistant!  Thank you for all of your hard work thus far, we are very happy to continue working with you!

April 2019 – Dr. Jian Liu attended the ACS National Meeting in Orlando, Florida, where he presented his recently published work on ethylene oligomerization in modified NU-1000. The paper, titled “Introducing Nonstructural Ligands to Zirconia-like Metal-Organic Framework Nodes To Tune the Activity of Node-Supported Nickel Catalysts for Ethylene Hydrogenation,” can be found in ACS Catalysis.



December 2018 – The  Hupp Group welcomes visiting scholar Kun Zhang. Kun is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, under Professor Wei Dong. His research with the Hupp Group will focus on electrocatalysis using functionalized metal-organic frameworks. Welcome, Kun!

December 2018 – Clarivate Analytics (publisher of Web of Science) has once again named Joe one of the world’s most highly cited researchers in the field of chemistry!

November 2018 – The Inter-American Photochemical Society has named Joe the 2018 recipient of the George S. Hammond Award. This biennial award is presented “for lifelong achievement in, and contributions to, the photochemical sciences.” Joe’s contributions span the range from fundamental work on light-induced electron-transfer reactions to elucidation of mechanisms for molecule-powered solar cells and to design and synthesis of new classes of light-harvesting and photocatalytic materials. 

November 2018 – The Hupp Group welcomes 8 new graduate student members from the first-year cohort: Dawn Duan, Rebecca Goncalves, Boris Kramar, Tom Sheridan, Aaron Stone, Mark Taylor, Rui Wang, and Qining Wang.  Of the 8 new students, 5 will be jointly advised: Rebecca (Prof. Randy Snurr – Chemical Engineering), Boris (Prof. Lin Chen – Chemistry), Aaron (Prof. Emily Weiss – Chemistry), Mark and Qining (Prof. Justin Notestein – Chemical Engineering).  Welcome to the Hupp Group!

November 2018 – Announced in early November at the tenth anniversary celebration of the founding of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Energy & Environmental Science (EES) was Joe’s appointment for a four-year term as chair of the journal’s editorial board. With a 2017 journal impact factor of 30+, EES is the leading peer-reviewed journal worldwide for the combined areas of energy science and energy-relevant environmental science.

October 2018
– Dr. Jian Liu, Dr. Xuan Zhang, and Ying Yang attend the Inorganometallic Catalyst Design Center (ICDC) 2018 All-Hands Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Xuan presents a poster entitled “Catalytic Chemo-Selective Functionalization of Methane in a Microporous Metal-Organic Framework,” Ying presents a poster entitled “Nanoscale Confinement of Bimetallic Catalysts within Metal−Organic Frameworks for CO2 Hydrogenation,” and Jian presents a poster entitled “Ligand Modification to Tune the Activity of Metal−Organic Framework-Supported Ni Catalysts for Ethylene Hydrogenation.”  Jian wins an award for best poster, congrats!

October 2018 – The Hupp Group welcomes visiting scholar, Dr. Zhiyong Lu. Zhiyong comes to us from Hohai University in Nanjing, China where he works as a lecturer. His research with the Hupp Group will focus on the development of functional materials including metal-organic frameworks and study of their chemical and physical properties and potential applications. Welcome, Zhiyong!

September 2018 – The Hupp Group wishes former program assistant, Abby Rosensweig, the best of luck with her new position within the Chemistry Department, Undergraduate Program Coordinator!  The undergraduate students are lucky to have you as a resource!  Coinciding with Abby’s departure, the Hupp Group welcomes Nick Huryk as our temporary program assistant.  We are happy to have Nick on board and look forward to working with you!

September 2018 – Dr. Subhadip Goswami and Hyunho Noh attend the Nanoporous Materials Genome Center (NMGC) 2018 All-Hands Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Subhadip presented a poster on his work, entitled “A Porous, Electrically Conductive Hexa-Zirconium(IV) Metal-Organic Framework”, which can be found published in Chemical Science.

August 2018 – Hyunho Noh attends the 43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC 2018) in Sendai, Japan.  He presented work from his recent paper entitled, “Redox Mediator-Assisted Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction from Water by a Molybdenum Sulfide-Functionalized Metal–Organic Framework”, which can be found published in ACS Catalysis.

August 2018 – Congrats to Yijing Chen for being selected as a Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery (CMIDD) Scholar for her accomplishments and enthusiasm for her research, contributing to the field of biomedical research!  She will be recognized at the annual colloquium on 8/29 found here.

August 2018 – The Hupp and Farha Groups go to Falcon Eddy’s BBQ to wish the best of luck to departing postdocs, Dr. Ken-ichi Otake and Dr. Zhanyong Li, as well as the newly minted Ph.D., Dr. Aaron Peters!

July 2018 – The Hupp and Farha Groups go to Tapas Barcelona to wish the best of luck to departing postdoc, Dr. Chung-Wei Kung, as he returns to Taiwan as an Assistant Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at National Cheng Kung University!  Check out his group’s website here!

July 2018 – Congrats to Aaron Peters for a successful thesis defense!  Aaron will be joining Exxon Mobil in August!

July 2018 – The Hupp Group welcomes visitng scholar Shaanti Trikha from the lab of Dr. Yangyang Liu at Calfornia State University, Los Angeles!

June 2018 – The Hupp Group welcomes Jiaxin (Dawn) Duan for summer research prior to her first year at Northwestern beginning in September!

May 2018 – Congrats to Dr. Cornelius Audu for a successful thesis defense!

May 2018 – Congrats to Yijing Chen for passing her qualifying exam!



December 2017 – Hupp Group Holiday Party hosted by Prof. Hupp is a blast!  Check out photos from the party on our gallery page!

November 2017 – Cassandra Buru attends the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Chemical and Biological Defense Science & Technology Conference in California!

September 2017 – Dr. Jian Liu, Dr. Zhanyong Li, and Dr. Xuan Zhang attended the Inorganometallic Catalyst Design Center (ICDC) All-Hands Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.  Dr. Li gave a talk entitled “Fine-Tuning the Activity of Metal– Organic Framework-Supported Cobalt Catalysts for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane.”

September 2017 – Omar K. Farha Announced as Associate Professor, Launches Independent Research Group
After nearly ten years at Northwestern, including eight as the co-leader of our research group,  Prof. Omar Farha is launching and leading a fully independent research group. Be on the lookout for outstanding research from Northwestern’s newest chemistry group, especially in the areas of actinide-based MOF chemistry, hybrid enzyme/materials chemistry, materials-based catalytic chemistry, and, no doubt, new boron chemistry. Congratulations Omar and thanks for your many years of leadership over here!

August 2017 – Cassandra Buru attends the Nanoporous Materials and their Applications – Gordon Research Conference in New Hampshire!

August 2017 – Hyunho Noh attends the SUNCAT Summer Institute on Fundamentals and Applications of Heterogeneous Catalysis at Stanford University!

July 2017 – Congratulations to Hyunho Noh on being named a Ryan Graduate Fellow. For a description of this prestigious three-year fellowship, which Hyun is receiving in recognition of outstanding nanoscience-related research in his first year here at Northwestern, follow this link!

July 2017 – Dr. Chung-Wei Kung, Aaron Peters, and Hyunho Noh attend the 2nd Annual International Solar Fuels (ISF-2) Conference hosted by UC San Diego!

June 2017 – Prof. Neil Schweitzer and Dr. Zhanyong Li attend the North American Catalysis Society Meeting in Denver, Colorado.  Prof. Schweitzer gives a talk entitled, “Exploring the Use of NU-1000, a Robust Zirconia Based Metal Organic Framework, As a Catalyst Support” and Dr. Li gives a talk entitled, “Metal–Organic Framework Supported Cobalt Catalysts for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane at Low Temperature.”

May 2017 – Congrats to Cassandra Buru for passing her qualifying exam!

April 2017 – Congrats to Hyunho Noh for passing his qualifying exam!