Genetic Libraries

Yeast Deletion Libraries

Four deletion collections are available; knockouts of the ‘a’, ‘alpha’, homozygous diploid and heterozygous diploid strains. Each Yeast Deletion represents a unique gene-knockout of the S. cerevisiae genome.

Yeast GAL-GST Library

The GAL-GST library is over-expression library covering 85% of all yeast genes. The over-expression library enables broad examination of gain-of-function phenotypes. Each strain carries a yeast ORF tagged at its amino terminus with GST and expressed from the inducible GAL1/10 promoter.

Yeast GFP Collection

The GFP-tagged yeast strain collection and database covers three-quarters of the S. cerevisiae proteome and over two-thirds of previously un-localized proteins. The collection provides a tool for analyzing the response to specific external stimuli or growth conditions and can also be used to assay the effects of deletion or mutation of a protein of interest on the localization of particular protein.

Yeast TAP Collection

The Yeast-TAP-Fusion Library allows the purification and selection for the entire yeast proteome and associated components using two simple affinity selection steps in tandem, enabling the development of a range of high-throughput functional assays.

Yeast Two Hybrid Array

The yeast two-hybrid library contains an array of yeast ORFs fused to the GAL4 activation domain and transformed into Mat-A cells. The array can be mated to Mat-alpha cells containing a bait peptide fused to the GAL4 DNA binding domain. The reporters for this screen are HIS3, ADE2 and LacZ.